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References: (e-mails can be provided!)

Afenkampf (AUS)
Aftermath (NOR)*
Apocalyptor Rec (AUS)
AtumRa/ Possession Prod (BLR)*
Aubec (GER)
Austere (HOL)

Azagthoth (SIN)
Bringer of Torture (USA)
Carnage (CAN)
ChaimD (ISR)
Demoniac SS (CAN)
Demonomancy666 (GER)*

Filthgrinder (DEN)*

Folkelig Røvsnaps No.1 (DEN)*

Fulgor (POR)

Goatwarrior (ENG)

Godless (USA)
Heidens Hart/Arjan (HOL)
Hellhammer (HOL)

Holycaust/RexIrae (USA)*

Humus (BEL)

Infernal Regions (GER)

Jr. (GER)
Magichoof (AUS)*
Manitou/FNS (GER)

Martyrium666 (ITA)

Misanthrope13 (USA)
Morningstar (FIN)

NCM 666 (USA)

NordStorm Prod (HOL)
Nw_Paymon (
NWN Prod (USA)

Sir Holm (FIN)

The Reaper (HOL)*

Vic (USA)
Vintyr (ENG)
Zacula (USA)*

+ others which I have forgot, so please reply!


* Multiple trades.



Conditions: M - EX, ask for further info..

I will only trade against my wants!
Prices are without postage!



Bold on hold




Hell Frost # 5 (USA) ARCKANUM, ABSU, A.C. Eng 1 euro 

Kogaionon #1 & #6 (Rum) Eng mammoth mag! 5 euro each!
Moonlight Mag #1 (USA) 2 euro

Psychedelic #5 & #6 (Ung) Eng 2 euro each!
Sub Terra # 0/1 (Gre)* Eng ILDJARN, FORGOTTEN WOODS offer
Tornado #3 (Dk) Eng 4 euro

Vital Wound # 3 (Lit) Eng AZHUBHAM HAANI interview 4 euro



Gummo movie vhs original! 6 euro



Ildjarn official t-shirt from NH size XL brandnew offer



Absurd Out Of The Dungeon reh 30 euro

Abdullah Snake Lore dt 12 euro

Asgard s/t dt 12 euro

Amduscias s/t dt 12 euro

Agatus A Night Of The Dark Ages dt 12 euro

Annihilatus s/t dt 6 euro

Armagedda / Volkermord split 20 euro

Barathrum Sanctus Satanas studio/stage tape 20 euro

Blackshine Demo II dt 6 euro

Burzum Burn Em All 3x tapes lim 333 40 euro

Carpathian Forest Journey Through The Cold Moors Of Svarttjern dt 15 euro

Clandestine Blaze Below the Surface of Cold Earth dt 10 euro

Cruachan Celtica dt 20 euro

Dødheimsgard promo 94 dt 10 euro

Embers Fire Demo 95 dt 3 euro

Esoteric The Death Of Ignorance dt 15 euro

Eterne As Serenity Fades cs ep 6 euro

Gauntlets Sword The Command cs lp 3 euro

Gods Tower The Eerie dt 15 euro

Gods Tower Canticles 15 euro

Grand Belial's Key Goat Of A Thousand Young dt

Grand Belial's Key Mocking The Philanthropists cs lp 9 euro

Grand Belial's Key Judeobeast Assassination cs lp 9 euro

Infernal Goat promo 999 dt 3 euro

Haat Plague dt 12 euro

Majesty The Natural Architect dt 6 euro

Manes Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer dt 12 euro

Mephisto Toll the Raven Knell dt 6 euro

Moonblood / Azhubham Haani split 12 euro

Morningstar Inside The Circle Of Pentagram dt 10 euro

Morningstar Promo 1994 dt offer 10 euro

Mourning Beloveth Autumnal Fires dt 15 euro

Nattvindens Gråt Där Svanar Flyger dt 9 euro

Necromantia Vampiric Rituals dt 15 euro

Nema Winterly Landscape dt 12 euro

Nortt Mournful Monuments 1998 - 2002 12 euro

Penitent Demo 1995 12 euro

Perdition Hearse Mala Fide dt 12 euro

Ragnarok Beloved Of The Raven God dt 10 euro

Sabazios (pre-Mysticum) Wintermass dt 20 euro

Sabbat Black Up Your Soul/For Satan And Sacrifice cs 15 euro

Sear Bliss The Pagan Winter dt 12 euro

Shadow Dancers Warriors Livin' Fate dt 10 euro

Shadow Dancers Son Of The Wasp dt 15 euro

Sorhin I Fullmånens Dystra Sken promo 15 euro

Spear Of Longinus Nazi Occult Metal dt 20 euro

Sunride demo 96 dt 6 euro

The Equinox Ov The Gods This Sombre Dreamland 15 euro

The Whores Of Babylon Eternal dt + t-shirt 30 euro

Thou Art Lord The Cult of the Horned One dt 15 euro

Thy Sinister Bloom s/t dt 12 euro

Tormentor Seventh Day Of Doom dt 20 euro

Tormentor The Sick Years live 15 euro

Urn Promo 97 dt 12 euro

Varathron Procreation Of The Unaltered Evil dt 15 euro

Varathron Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire dt 20 euro

Venedae / Grom split 6 euro

Waylander Once Upon An Era dt 12 euro

Waylander Dawning Of A New Age dt 12 euro

Wizard I am the King dt 6 euro

Zephyrous Entrance and Wandering on the Seven Zones dt 15 euro

V/A Drap comp. tape 79/100 with inforsheet 15 euro

V/A Sverd Storm # II comp. tape with infosheet 10 euro

V/A Thousand Lakes comp. tape 10 euro




Abysmal Grief Hearse gf 7 6 euro

Altar of Perversion From Dead Temples (Towards the Astral Path) gf lp + 7 offer

Annihilatus Annihilation 10 20 euro

Antonius Rex Anno Demoni gf lp + 7 offer

Arckanum Boka Vm Kaos 7 offer

Arckanum/Contamino split 7 offer

Arghoslent Troops Of Unfeigned Might 7 ep offer

Armagedda Strength Through Torture 7 offer

Astriaal The Throne To Perish 7 6 euro

Bathory Twilight of the Gods lp 1st press 30 euro

Bloodhammer Monastery of Thousand Blackened Lusts 7 offer

Bloodhammer Ancient Kings 10 offer

Burzum Daudi Baldrs lp w/ tarotcards 50 euro

Cult Of Daath Razor War pict 7 die hard 9 euro

Disembowelment Discography 3 lp box w/ poster offer

Einherjer Leve Vikinganden 7 20 euro

Eternal Darkness Total Darkness lp 15 euro

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium A Queda.. pict 7 ep 12 euro

Forgotten Woods Sjel Av Natten mlp offer

Forgotten Woods Curse Of Mankind gf 2xlp offer

Funeral Winds Godslayer Xul lp 15 euro

Goat Horns The Nocturnal Call 7 9 euro

Imperator Time Before Time lp 20 euro

Judas Iscariot Midnight Frost To Rest In Eternity 7 20 euro

Kampfar Mellom Skogkledde Aaser lp 40 euro

Kawir Eumendies 7 15 euro

Kawir To Cavirs mlp 20 euro

Limbonic Art The Ultimate Death Worship 2xlp 20 euro

Malombra Our Lady At The Bones gf 2lp offer

Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas DELUXE gf lp w/ posters offer

Mortuary Drape Secret Suderia lp offer

Nifelheim Servants Of Darkness lp offer

Nortt Hedengang 7 ep offer

Nortt Gudsforladt lp offer

Nortt Graven lp offer

Nortt Ligfærd lp offer

Profanatica Broken Jew 7 ep offer

Razor Of Occam Diabologue 7 offer

Razor Of Occam Pillars Of Creation mlp w/ patch offer

Rigor Sardonicus/The Forgotten split 7 6 euro

Root Zjeveni lp offer

Sabbat Fetishism 2lp offer

Sabbat Envenom pict lp offer

Sabbat Sabbatical Rites pict lp offer

Sabbat Russian Harmageddon pict lp RARE offer

Sarcofago INRI pict lp w/ huge booklet NWN offer

Spear of Longinus Domni Satnasi lp offer

Thornspawn Horns Of The Kult 7 6 euro

Thralldom The Seven Heads Of The Lion-Serpent 7 6 euro

Tormentor Anno Domini pict lp offer

Tumulus Wodureid 10 9 euro

Vorphalack Under the Sight of Dragon 7 6 euro

Warloghe Unlighted 7 ep offer

Warloghe The First Possession gf lp offer

When Black, White And Grey lp 20 euro

Worship/Mournful Congregation split 7 offer

Worship Last Vinyl Before Doomsday lp offer

Worship/Stabat Mater split 10 offer



Abigail Intercourse & Lust cd promo with infosheet 15 euro

Agatus Dawn Of Martyrdom cd Hypervorea SEALED

Agatus The Weaving Fates cd SEALED

Annihilatus Blood and War cd 9 euro

Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia digipackcd 20 euro

As Sahar Ekstasi Tektones cd 9 euro

Aura Noir Dreams Like Desert mcd offer

Aura Noir Black Trash Attack cd offer

Barathrum Hailstorm cd offer

Barathrum Eerie cd offer

Barathrum Infernal cd offer

Barbatos War Speed & Power cd 9 euro

Beyond Dawn Electric Sulking Machine cd 6 euro

Carpe Tenebrum Majestic Nothingness cd 9 euro

Countess The Return Of The Horned One cd offer

Cruachan Ride On mcd 6 euro

Curse Cursed Be Thy Name mcd 6 euro

Cynic Focus (original pressing) cd 15 euro

Demented Ted Promises Impure (original version on Pavement!) cd 6 euro

Demigod Shadow Mechanics cd 6 euro

Equimanthorn Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara cd

Esoteric Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum cd 9 euro

Eternal Elysium Share cd (sealed) 9 euro

Fleurety Last Minute Lies mcd 6 euro

Forgotten Woods Baklengs mot Stupet 3cd box offer

Forgotten Tomb Songs To Leave cd (1st ed) 20 euro

Forlorn The Crystal Palace cd 9 euro

Gorgon The Lady Rides A Dark Horse cd 12 euro

Gospel Of The Horns Satanist Dream mcd 15 euro

Hangover Terrorbeer mcd 3 euro

Inquisition Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult cd 20 euro

Kampfar s/t mcd offer

Katatonia Sounds Of Decay mcd offer

Lacrimosa Inferno cd 12 euro

Maniac Butcher Barbarians cd offer

Megiddo The Final War cd 12 euro

Megiddo The Atavism Of Evil cd 12 euro

Mütiilation Black Legions Metal 2cd offer

Mysticum In the Streams of Inferno (1st ed) cd offer

Mystifier Wicca (1st ed) cd offer

Nortt Gudsforladt digipackcd offer

Old The Musical Dimensions Of Sleastak cd 6 euro

Ordog Two cd 12 euro

Puissance Let Us Lead digipackcd (CMI) 25 euro

Primordial Imrama cd 20 euro

Root Hell Symphony cd 20 euro

Sabbat Envenom cd (Entropy) offer

Sabbat Evoke cd (IPR) sealed offer

Sabbat For Satan and Sacrifice cd (Evil Rec) offer

Sabbat Sabbatical Devilucifer mcd offer

Sabbat The Dwelling cd (Evil Rec) offer

Sacrilegium Wicher cd (Pagan Rec) 9 euro

Setherial Nord cd 15 euro

Skald Voices of Thula cd 20 euro

Swans Soundtracks For The Blind 2cd in cardboard package offer

Swans Children Of God/World Of Skin 2cd in cardboard package offer

Swans Die Tür Ist Zu cd offer

The Darksend Unsunned cd 12 euro

The Moaning Blood from Stone cd 12 euro

Tumulus/Mock split cd 20 euro

Urn 666 Megatons cd 15 euro

Usurper Threshold Of The Usurper cd 12 euro

Valhall Moonstoned cd 15 euro

Ved Buens Ende Those Who Caress The Pale cd box offer

Wolf Black Wings cd 6 euro

Wongraven Fjelltronen cd offer

Zemial For The Glory Of Ur cd Hypervorea SEALED

V/A Until The End of Time cardboard The End compilation cd (w/ Mental Home, Sculptured, Epoch of Unlight, Nokturnal Mortum, Odes of Ecstasy and Scholomonace.) 3 euro




Anael Necromantic Rituals lp
Ares Kingdom Return To Dust lp
Blizzard Pure Filth And Mayhem lp
Denial Of God Ghouls Of DOG mlp
Destroyer 666 Unchain The Wolves lp

Diamond Head Borrowed Time lp (w/obi) 
Gehennah Hardrocker lp

Mayhem De Mysterris Dom Sathanas lp (DSP)
Mayhemic Truth In Memoriam lp
Morrigan Plague, Waste And Death lp
Necromantia Scarlet Evil Witching Black lp 
Pagan Rites Bloodlust and Devastation lp
Poison Further Down Into The Abyss 2lp
Portal Seepia lp
Scald Will Of The Gods Is Great Power lp
Tormentor Anno Domini lp




Ares Kingdom Firestorm Redemption mlp DIEHARD version

Bone Awl At The Ellipse's Art 7 ep

Deströyer 666 , Violence Is The Prince Of This World lp, Six Songs For The Devil mlp, Satanic Speed Metal 7 ep, King Of Kings/Lord Of The Wild 7 ep, Of Wolves, Women & War 7 ep & Terror Abraxas mlp 

Earth (US) Live Hex - In A Large City On The North American Continent 5" + 3" cd's

Feikn Helhesten/Aamanden 7 ep (white vinyl!)

Ildjarn Minnesjord lp, 93 lp,

Nocturnal Visions lp, 1992 - 1995 2xlp &

Ildjarn Is Dead 2xlp

Lair Of The Minotaur Carnage lp, Cannibal Massacre 7 ep & The Ultimate Destroyer lp
Mayhemic Truth Cythraw 7 ep

Morrigan Split 7 ep w/ Nocternity & split 10" w/ Abigail

Mütiilation New False Prophet 7, Majestas Leprosus lp & Rattenkönig pict lp

Necros Christos/Goat Molestör split cd

Order From Chaos Jericho Trumpet 7 ep
Pentagram (US) vinyl I miss..

Tormentor Live Damnation 7 ep


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Apocalypse once again...


Jet Black!!!

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Meditation & Medication

A new Gospel..

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great god Pan!!!

Horror Metal!

Hell-enic Hymns!!!


Apocalyptic Art!



Hell-as Black!

Apocalyptor Rex


Vinyl vengeance





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